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Smart Pools

Smart Pool is a counter current swimming pool where you swim against a smooth, comfortable, broad, deep and fully adjustable water current. Smart Pool provides you with even more benefits than a conventional pool like Filtration, Heating, Automatic Chlorinating, Underwater Lights, Jacuzzi Jets, Sitting Benches and insulated pool cover. This Pool can be installed above ground or in ground, basement, roof top or even in a room.


Hydrotherapy, Rehab, Fitness & Sports Pools

Smart hydrotherapy pools with unique counter-current mechanism are a valuable and economical system for healing and rehabilitation treatments recognized to possess various benefits in modern medical texts. Smart hydrotherapy pools are safe and hygienic method of conveniently providing hydrotherapy in Clinics, Hospitals, Physiotherapy centres, Fitness centres , Army Centres & Sports centres.


Aquatic Exercise Pool cum Jacuzzi

Aquatic Exercise Pool is 8' x 8' pool with Jets, Benches, underwater lights, filtration and heating. It is very good for hospitals where there is lack of space and patients have to be given treatment. This works as a Jacuzzi if not used for Aquatic Exercises, one can sit on the benches and have Jacuzzi Massage, very good for hotels and resort.


Quick Lane

(Counter Current System Only)

Quick Lane is a counter current generator, a trolley like structure which fits into new or already existing swimming pools and makes the pool never ending just like a river.It can be installed in a couple of hours.


Jacuzzi Jet System

Jacuzzi Jet System is a Jacuzzi system for already existing swimming pools, where Jacuzzi Jets are installed in the swimming pool without any breakage and adds extra facility to your existing swimming pool..



We have fountains colour-changing as well as normal fountains that can be fitted anywhere including swimming pools for added beauty


⇋ Filtration system ( Filter Pump Combo) - For small swimming pools only.

⇋ Heating System - For small swimming pools only.

⇋ Automatic Chlorination - This provides automatic chlorination to the pool so you do not have to take care of the pool everyday.

⇋ Pool Cover - We provide pool cover for small swimming pools

⇋ Testing Kit - Testing kit for testing Chlorine and PH.

⇋ Disco Lights for Pools - They are floating Disco Lights for parties.

⇋ 10.4" LCD with DVD/CD/MP3/USB/FM port for your entertainment in the pool.